EU4Health - Action grants 2021 (Wave 2)

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The second call for action grants under the EU4Health programme will provide financial support to implement initiatives that are important to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer control and care.

Projects should normally range between 12 and 36 months.

The total available call budget is €43,850,000. Grants awarded under the call shall not exceed 60% of eligible costs for an action relating to an objective of the Programme. In cases of exceptional utility, the EU contribution may be up to 80% of eligible costs.

EU4H-2021-PJ-06: Pilot project for an EU infrastructure ecosystem for the secondary use of health data for research, policy-making and regulatory purposes.

Scope: the call supports the development of the European Health Data Space (EHDS) and the reuse of health data for the research, innovation, policy-making and regulatory activities.

Budget: 5 million euro. Funded proposals: one.

EU4H-2021-PJ-07: Implementation of best practices on the ground with direct impact on the effort to tackle mental health challenges during COVID-19.

Scope: transfer of practices shared within the Health Policy Platform network on'COVID-19 mental health support' to increase awareness, knowledge sharing and capacity building in the area of mental health.

Budget: 750.000 euro. Funded proposals: up to two.

EU4H-2021-PJ-08: Support actions to improve access to human papillomavirus vaccination.

Scope: support Member States' efforts, through training and policy development actions, to extend the roll-out of routine HPV vaccination of girls and boys to eliminate cervical cancer and other cancers caused by HPV in the coming decade.

Budget: 1,2 million euro. Funded proposals: one.

EU4H-2021-PJ-09: 'HealthyLifestyle4All': promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Scope: promote healthy lifestyles in the Union, in particular amongst children and in school environments, through access to healthy diets and physical activity.

Budget: 4,4 million euro. Funded proposals: up to three.

EU4H-2021-PJ-10: Reduce liver and gastric cancers caused by infection.

Scope: reduce the risk of liver cancers associated with infections caused by the Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C viruses and the risk of gastric cancers caused by Helicobacter pylori, through targeted early detection of infections.

Budget: 2 million euro. Funded proposals: up to two (one targeted to HBV and HCV and one targeted to Helicobacter pylori).

EU4H-2021-PJ-11: 'EU Cancer Treatment Capacity and Capability Mapping' project - Network of Comprehensive Cancer Centres.

Scope: support the identification of the different capabilities and expertise available across the Union, and build the foundation to regularly identify gaps and needs to be addressed at national and regional level across the Union.

Budget: 1,2 million euro. Funded proposals: one.

EU4H-2021-PJ-12: Creation of a 'Cancer Survivor Smart Card'.

Scope: improve the quality of life and health status of cancer survivors, and to address their potential needs through the development and support for the wide use of new approaches to communication. A smart card, in the form of an interoperable portable eCard or app will be created to store information on the monitoring and follow-up of the survivor, including the survivor's clinical history and follow-up.

Budget: 1,8 million euro. Funded proposals: one.

EU4H-2021-PJ-13: Implementation of best practices in community-based services for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), tuberculosis, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections.

Scope: strengthening and supporting community-based service organisations in the Member States and neighbouring countries in the implementation of people-centre effective and integrated interventions, as well as linkage to care amongst groups at high risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections.

Budget: 5 million euro. Funded proposals: up to five.

EU4H-2021-PJ-14: Supporting training activities, implementation, and best practices - EU One Health Action Plan against antimicrobial resistance.

Scope: capacity building through training and implementation of enhanced infection prevention and control (IPC) practices and antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) in hospitals and in long-term care facilities and support for further dissemination, as well as AMS in primary care.

Budget: 7 million euro. Funded proposals: up to five.

EU4H-2021-PJ-15: Initiative 'Cancer Diagnostic for Public Health'.

Scope: help Member States to improve access for individuals and cancer patients and survivors to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer through personalised medicine, by upscaling available innovation in the field of innovative cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Budget: 6 million euro. Funded proposals: up to two.

EU4H-2021-PJ-16: Computer-aided Drug Repurposing for Cancer Therapy Project.

Scope: launch an EU platform based on 'computational drug networks' to predict, in-silico, the efficacy of approved drugs against relevant cancer targets, as well as to select better responder patients or disease biomarkers.

Budget: 3 million euro. Funded proposals: up to two.

EU4H-2021-PJ-17: Organise and collect data to understand the safety, quality and efficacy of therapies applied in the field of assisted reproduction and therapies based on haematopoietic stem cells.

Scope: collect and organise in registries data on the safety, quality and efficacy of therapies applied in the field of medically assisted reproduction and haematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

Budget: 4 million euro. Funded proposals: two.

EU4H-2021-PJ-18: Boosting cancer prevention through the use of the European Code against Cancer and other concerted actions.

Scope: improve access to and understanding of risk factors and health determinants to improve health outcomes for cancer through actions in two strands: (a) support the usability of the recommendations of the European Code against Cancer through the 'EU Mobile App for Cancer Prevention'; b) support 'Health Literacy for Cancer Prevention and Care' by means of activities that develop and share best practices to strengthen health literacy in cancer prevention and care programmes, with a focus on disadvantaged groups.

Budget: 2,5 million euro. Funded proposals: two proposals covering strands a) and b)


Applicants must be established in an EU Member State or country associated to (or negotiating association to) EU4H.

Unless stated otherwise in a particular topic, proposals must be submitted by a consortium of at least three applicants of at least three entities from three different countries participating in EU4H.


Applications to Horizon Europe calls and topics must be submitted via the European Commission Funding and Tenders Portal.

In case of interest, please contact frecerca.internacional(ELIMINAR)