Roger de Spoelberch Prize on neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders

Convocatòria oberta
caduca en menys de 30 dies
Entitat convocant:
Fondation Roger de Spoelberch
Termini FSJD:
750.000 €

The Roger de Spoelberch Prize is awarded to a winner for a clinical and basic scientific research project in the area of neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders.


The Winner must be proposed by a person duly qualified to assess the value of his or her work.

The upper age limit for all candidates is set at 55 at the time of the filling of the application. The nominees may not have previously won a prize equivalent to the ROGER DE SPOELBERCH prize.

The candidates for the Prize must hold a Ph.D.

The Prize may not be divided up among different persons.


Until otherwise decided by the Foundation Board, the value of the Prize is fixed at 750,000 euros, at least two-thirds of which must be used for the costs of developing the research that is the purpose of the Prize, with the balance potentially being awarded to the individual Winner in person.

There is no application form. The candidat should send a full CV, with top ten peer-reviewed publications, research achievements, project proposal for the prize with precise budget plan.

Applications must be submitted prior to 30 June of the current year and sent to the Chairman of the Scientific Committee by email to or Fondation.rds(ELIMINAR), or to the Foundation's postal address: 17, Chemin Rieu, CH - 1208 Geneva.

In case of interest contact with Leonor Norton ( or Antònia Blanco (