JLABS BLUE KNIGHT QuickFire Challenge: Next-Generation Preparedness Solutions

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Johnson & Johnson Innovation (JLABS)
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JLABS periodically launches JLABS QuickFire Challenges. These global challenges support working with local partners for innovation and empower innovative scientists, companies and entrepreneurs to seek comprehensive and integrated solutions that hold the potential of improving the health of people around the world, particularly in areas of significant global impact on people's health.

Within the framework of the 'BLUE KNIGHT QuickFire Challenge: Next- Generation Preparedness Solutions', innovators are invited to submit ground-breaking ideas or technologies that aim to enhance preparedness towards future known and unknown infectious disease threats. The challenge is a joint initiative of Johnson & Johnson Innovation and the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA).

Innovators must be developing potential preparedness solutions addressing at least one of the following QuickFire Challenge focus areas:

  • Targeting the host response to known and unknown future infectious disease threats.
  • Enabling streamlined manufacturing of therapeutics and/or vaccines
  • Leveraging the host microbiome

These competitions call for early-stage innovators from around the world to apply for a chance to win research grants, access to lab spaces, exposure to the innovation community and other startups, global industry networking opportunities, mentorship and coaching from Johnson & Johnson Innovation and its partners.


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